Introducing the brand new typeface

Grand Guilloche Font Family

Grand Guilloche is a special font family. This font was inspired by the very fine guilloche lines.
The primary purpose of the design was to preserve the fine and delicate details of the guilloche, the multitude of beautiful arches. The main characteristic of the typeface is that it consists of a multitude of Bézier curves. It is designed to give an exclusive look that has a vintage character that further enhances the peculiarity of the font.

The individual glyphs are designed to provide a modern, contemporary look that is unique. Larger sizes can also be used individually as decorative display fonts. With its distinctive appearance and eye-catching detail and complexity, the use of Grand Guilloche aesthetically enhances the appearance of your product, provides exclusivity and adds "money like" value.

Each character consists of a set of very complex lines. Therefore, when used in small size, this font is ideal for Security Print Design. This complexity makes it perfectly suited to fit any decorative and protective guilloche elements. It becomes an aesthetic and extra secure enhancement for any publication, security document. It is also well suited for creating and completing background printing systems.

The Grand Guilloche font family has 27 layered variations that facilitate and simplify the placement and sizing of guilloche-type texts, numbers, and special punctuation marks in documents.

Seven different weights provide a basic variety of uses.
Varying different layers can further enhance the unique look. The combination of positive and negative versions, the use of different contour and shadow styles, and the use of background styles in layers greatly enhance the unique and aesthetic appearance and protection against counterfeiting.

Another special feature of the Grand Guilloche font family is the six variable-line versions. For each of these six styles, the line width decreases and / or increases with each character. This is called line width modulation. As there are many lines running within a character, the constant change in width of the lines provides a completely unique and wonderful effect. It is a great protection against counterfeiting.
The features listed so far offer virtually endless variation.

The elaborate processing of the arches and details and the high UPM value guarantee the high quality of the result.
Some ideas for use: security documents, invitations, diplomas, certificates, coupons, tickets, packaging materials, tax stamps etc.

The Grand Guilloche font includes multilingual support.
The complete family consists of 27 fonts that include the following styles:

7 Weights:
• Thin • ExtraLight • Light • Normal • Medium • SemiBold • Bold

6 Variable Line-width styles:
• Variable 1 • Variable 2 • Variable 3 • Variable 4 • Variable 5 • Variable 6

2 Negative styles:
• Negative 1 • Negative 2

3 Shadow styles:
• Shadow 1 • Shadow 2 • Shadow 3

1 Combined contour and shadow style:
• ContShad 1

4 Contour styles:
• Contour 1 • Contour 2 • Contour 3 • Contour 4

4 Background styles:
• Background 1 • Background 2 • Background 3 • Background 4

Each font contains more than 350 glyphs:
Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, Punctuation, Parenthesis, Dash, Quote, Currency Symbol, Math Symbol, Accented Character, etc.

This typeface is very rich in detail, thanks to elaborate design and a very high UPM value.
With a desktop license, you can install the fonts into your computer’s fonts folder and use it in any of your favorite graphic applications that contain a fonts menu. You can Install the font on your Mac OS or Windows system. Fully standard TTF fonts with complete kerning and very high UPM value. The Grand Guilloche Font it works with Security Design softwares.  Also we tested it with the most popular graphics programs also it works well.

The Grand Guilloche font family will always give your publications a special look.

Designed by Ben Hodosi


About the Designer

I’m Ben Hodosi, an experienced senior graphic designer. I have been particularly interested in color logos, special inscriptions and letters, and geometry shapes since my childhood. This interest continues to this day, and through a lifetime. My work includes the following activities:

• Type Design

I love it when I can represent my visual ideas in a complex system. I have to design each character with great care, so that they fit together to form one whole unit.

• Security Print Design

This is a very time consuming job with small details often only visible under a magnifying glass. Artistic display of beautiful arcs and curves calculated by mathematical formulas. I spend a tremendous amount of time designing beautiful Guilloche elements and special Guilloche rosettes.

• Logo and Corporate Identity Design

When a logo I design is completed, I compress a complex company and / or service into a visual sign. People will first encounter this symbol, and identify a particular company and / or service with it. It's always great to see my plans come to life.

I undertake offline and online graphic design. For example: guilloché of any kind, guilloche elements and line systems, security documents, tax stamps, ID cards, certificates, diplomas, packaging, type design etc. 
Please take a look at my portfolio.